erik geslin



I’ve worked within the games industry an virtual reality for over 18 years, and have a wealth of experience covering all aspects of development and publishing video games.


I work regularly as a consultant on the production of AAA to induce specific emotions in the video game.


Currently researcher at Laval University in Canada, I work on the emotionally reactive avatar design, I coordinates a User Experience research project on emotional gaming with Ubisoft (FUNii).


Ph.D. In ParisTech ENSAM University. UX Theme : Process of Induction of emotions in video game and VR.

International lecturer on UX and emotions in video game: ENSAM Paris, Ritsumeïkan Kyoto, Kanagawa IT Tokyo, Cybertherapy Ottawa, Siggraph Asia Singapore.


I use to create new process for eliciting emotions. I'm able to create User Experience based on player emotional physiological data.


I developed the schematic Circumplex model of emotion for the video game. It allows Designers to produce emotionals environments.


FACS (Facial Action Coding System) Coder Expert Certification.

Facial Animation specialist nonverbal behavior for avatars.


- Strong leadership skills with management through influence and collaboration

- Able to extract a long term vision and roadmaps.

- Strong architecture skills and out of the box thinking, give concrete solutions from high-level concepts

- Recognized as a strong individual performer, as well as a focused creative director.

- Developing, using and teaching deep game design methodology that are able to guaranty gameplay quality and UX Design in any kind of projects


Specialties: Emotions induction in video game and VR.

Producer in video game by the use of Agile Scrum method.

Creative director expertise, Game designer.

Video game Consulting and expertise on User Experience.



2013 to present: Postdoctoral Researcher Ubisoft Postdoctoral Researcher on Affective Gaming . Objectives: Define a Dynamic Difficulty Adjustement line to reach Flow Zone, based on physiologicals data retrieved from the emotional video game players. Research coordinator between Quebec University Laval and Ubisoft Qc Canada.


2013 to present: Postdoctoral Researcher Laval University Canada Producer and creative director on EEVEE project, research on emotional avatar. The cognitive neuroscience study of cocial interactions with EEVEE: the Empathy-Enhancing Virtual Evolving Environment.

FACS (Facial Action Coding System) Coder Expert Certification. Participated in the training and certification of FACS Coder, to measure the AUs (Actions Units0 facial muscle movements and determione their emotional behavior. Animation specialist in nonverbal avatar's behaviors.


2012 International Lecturer at ACM Siggraph Asia Singapore on "Method of induction of basic and complex emotion in video games and virtual environments"


Courses on the same topic at Tokyo Tama University and Kytoto Ritsumeïkan University

2008 to present: International Lecturer Emotional Design for video game - Cybertherapy 15 Ottawa Canada. lectures, Working Group Emotions and video game Ubisoft 2010, Working Group ”Semiology of Living Art” The Cube Paris 2011. Director of Studies and project manager  ESCIN University: 3D real-time “college creative Interactive Digital” Laval - Director of studies for the licence realtime 3D. International Courses Emotional Design for video game - Ritsumeikan University Kyoto Japan: Lectures and courses about emotions and video game - Ritsumeikan University Kyoto, Prof Toshikasu San Ohshima

2008 – 2009 Video Game Producer & Creative Director - LEON BROTHERS
Game producer & creative director for the Video Game “Smashing Toys” Studio LEON BROTHERS ”. Agile Scrum method

Distribution Steam Valve

2006 Game Designer - Raingraph videogame Tokyo.
Graphic design, modeling and texturing vehicles Acespeeder2, led by Takahiro Nakatani and Dr. Akihiko Shiraï San (Sony Game).


2001 – 2006 Project manager & creative director - NAUTILUS
Project manager, Creative director, Virtual Reality, 3D Real Time Animation.
Development Manager: 3D Stereoscopic Movies, virtual tours, Designing real-time interactive 3D animations for theme parks and 3D simulator for Industry.
Implementation of RBA and QAP, project management, Gantt, creating storyboards, and layouts of graphic charts, personnel management and production planning creating animation using computer graphics. Agile Scrum method.
Project Management: THALES, AREVA, EDF-GDF, DCN, Futuroscope …


2004 Modeler video game Battlefield 1918 - Das Team Germany.
Artist 3D modeling and texturing of the video game Battlefield 1918. Distribution Gamespy / DICE


2000 – 2001 Project manager - PARX
Head of Department Computer graphics, multimedia product development
Website Creation – Project management and production planning (RBA, Gantt and QAP). ISO 9001 Quality System

1998 – 2000 Artistic director - Graphic Designer - Studio LABBE
Artistic director Graphic Designer, Senior Graphic Designer. DTP and graphic design websites
Design and formatting of documents ODP - Design and implementation of websites.

1994 – 1998 Project manager, graphic designer - Group OGF subsidiary SCI Paris
Designer, creating publishing tools for merchandising. Purchasing Manager Northern Sector
Creating Merchandising products (posters, brochures, catalogs, CD ROM, web sites) for 650 agencies. 3D Design.

1990 – 1994 Game designer - Lankhor, Mentat-concept, Microïds, Titus Paris
Game designer in the video game. Pixel Art.
Creating Game 2D action adventure.
“Rody & Mastico”, “Duggles Europa,” “Prehistoric”




Geslin E (Nov 2012) : "method of induction of basic and complex emotions in video game and virtual reality", ACM SIGGRAPH Asia, Singapore november 2012 


Geslin E, Bouchard S, and Richir S (2011) : gamers’ Versus non-gamers’ emotional response in Virtual reality, Journal of Cybertherapy & Rehabilitation Winter 2011 Volume 4, Issue 4


Geslin E, Bouchard S, and Richir S (2011) : You better control for video gaming experience because video gamers are more difficult to scare in virtual real, Cybertherapy 15

E. Klinger, E. Geslin, A. Shirai, S. and Rich (2007). HandiSim: A VR-based manual wheelchair with Visual Feedback and Physical Simulation. In: Proceedings Cybertherapy 12, Washington, DC, 96.


Akihiko Shirai, Erik Geslin, Simon RICHIR, WiiMedia: motion analysis methods and applications using a consumer video game controller, Sandbox: an ACM SIGGRAPH Video Game Symposium, San Diego, 2007. (Best paper award)


A. Shirai, T. NAKATANI, E. Geslin, H. Kimura, M. Takahashi, T. MIYATA, S. RICHIR, Physical Evaluation of new computer entertainment interfaces play Under natural conditions, Sandbox: an ACM SIGGRAPH Video Game Symposium, Boston , 2006.




Ph.D - ENSAM Arts & Métiers ParisTech. Thesis subject “Emotions induction process in Virtual Environments and Video Games”


2007 Diploma of Master of Science, Technology and Health, Innovative Technologies Mention Specialty Digital Modeling & Virtual Reality.
University of Angers
Honorable mention


2005 Bachelor Communication and media techniques, Specialty Graphic Design
Université Henri Poincaré, Nancy 1


1988 BAC Hight School degree A3 Letters and Arts, Institute St. John Eudes Vire




Language skills: C++**, ActionScript***, VBSscript*.
3D Computer Graphics: 3D Studio Max *******, Zbrush****, Maya**
Infographic Web: Dreamweaver****, Flash***
Traditional computer graphics: Photoshop*****, Illustrator****, Gimp***.
Prepress: InDesign*****, Xpress****
3D engines used: Serious engine***, Unreal engine***, Virtools****, Battlefield engine*****.Raingraph internal engine ****(DirectX), Unity3D*****

MS Project
Quality Assurance
Agile Scrum method





  • 1st Prize virtual reality project Laval Virtual 2007
  • Best paper award San Diego Siggraph 2006
  • 1st Prize Graphics IVRC Tokyo 2006.
  • Computer Arts Interview “March 2006″ Virtual Reality.
  • 1st Prize Contest Challenges CG-November 2002 /  CGtalk challenges.
  • 1st hedging Website CG-Talk 2003.
  • Selection of the foundation Kota- Press New York, January 2003
  • First and second prize in Yvelines Perray Arts Competition, Award-Rotary Club City of Ferns, Biennale paintings of Versailles in 1995.